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Any proud member of the #PRYDAFam knows to expect the unexpected at an Eric Prydz set. You can chalk that up to his prolific release schedule, plus his many artist aliases. Whether he’s throwing down as TOnjA Holma or Pryda, Prydz delivers—always.

Next month, Prydz joins the more than 120 world-renowned artists gracing the stage at EDC Mexico 2018. And he’s going extra hard for the international #PRYDAFam with a double-header show as he drops a solo set on day one, followed by a highly anticipated performance as his Cirez D moniker on day two.

EDC Mexico tickets are on sale now.

Officially launched in 2003, Cirez D, one of his most beloved side projects, serves as Prydz’s techno-centric pseudonym. While most of the Cirez D releases live on Prydz’s Mouseville imprint, they’ve also appeared on labels like Joia Records, Truesoul, and Jericho. This year, Prydz is celebrating 15 years of Cirez D, so you know he’ll be turning up the heat at EDC Mexico.

To prepare you for an EPIC Prydz weekend, we’re shining a special light on Cirez D with five essential cuts you should know before heading to EDC Mexico 2018.

(PS: If you haven’t done so already, stream our official EDC Mexico 2018 playlist and check out these five must-see acts for more musical goodness.)

“On Off”
Mouseville, 2009

This track, alongside its B-side “Fast Forward,” is perhaps the most famous Cirez D cut of all—and for good measure, too. “On Off” is wholly defined by one of Prydz’s most characteristic production elements: his penchant for slowly building anticipation via layers of bouncing lull (this guy knows what I’m talking about!). Here, the suspense is multiplied tenfold by the ping-pong-like bounce of the synths. It’s hypnotizing shit, really. You’re more than likely to hear “On Off” in some way, shape or form at any Prydz set, whether it’s in its full-on glory or as between-set fodder. It’ll have you bouncing up and down or shuffling up a storm either way. And while you’re at it, peep “Fast Forward,” too.

“Marquee LV 2017 ID”

One of the most frustrating things for Eric Prydz fans is his deep affinity for teasing out unreleased tracks loooooong before they’re officially dropped—if ever. He’s known to play out songs that may never get an official release, so the only time you’ll ever hear some of his mystery tunes is during a live performance or one of his recorded sets. It’s also one of the most exciting parts about being in the #PRYDAFam, as it keeps fans on their toes at all times. It’s the main reason why you see awkwardly titled songs like this one pop up all over social media. Prydz has been playing this cut out since last year, having featured it in his set at Creamfields Presents Steel Yard in London as part of his EPIC 5.0 performance, as well as on his EPIC Radio show on Beats 1. It was also the highlight in his set at Escape: Psycho Circus last year; here’s the proof. The track itself is a futuristic techno pile-driver that’s the perfect soundtrack for the (forthcoming) apocalypse.

Mouseville, 2011

According to this hardcore fanatic, this rare cut is often dubbed the “unicorn” of all Cirez D tracks, the one that true die-hards always beg for but never gets played out. A collaboration with fellow Swede and Pryda Friends/Mouseville artist Acki Kokotos, “Tomorrow,” like all the best Prydz tracks, basks in simplistic beauty. Its minimal approach is entrancing without having to try too hard, with a synth bassline that’s woven together like a daydream. Stick around to the end for a massive progressive payout in true Prydz form.

“The Accuser”
Mouseville, 2017

Last year, Hï Ibiza partnered with Eric Prydz for his first-ever artist-led residency in Ibiza, which is mind-blowing when you realize how long the White Isle has gone without a permanent Prydz presence. There, “The Accuser,” his most recent release as Cirez D, became one of his staples all summer long. Its glitchy filters will leave you with a metallic techno taste in your mouth for days. Expect to definitely hear this one at EDC Mexico.

“Diamond Girl”
Joia Records, 2003

Okay, this one is borderline corny, but it’s worth highlighting simply because it serves as the debut Cirez D release. Featured on the first-ever Cirez D EP, Lockout Sessions Vol. 1, “Diamond Girl” samples the 1984 synthpop classic “Precious Little Diamond” from Dutch Euro disco group Fox the Fox. The track’s bridge is one of the most sampled melodies in dance music, having been sampled or covered by the likes of the Weeknd, Michael Mayer, and Lifelike. On the Cirez D version, Prydz slathers on so much Euro cheese, it’s hard to believe this is him at all. But when you pair it with his 2004 international breakthrough single “Call on Me,” also a cheesy classic, it all makes sense. It’s highly doubtful “Diamond Girl” will ever see the light of day at any Prydz set, regardless of his adopted alias for the night, but it’s pretty awesome to see just how far the Cirez D project has come over the years. It’s a regular reminder that while god-like, Eric Prydz is only human.

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EDC Mexico 2018 takes place Saturday, February 24, and Sunday, February 25, at Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez in Mexico City. Tickets are on sale now.

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