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As the TranceFamily once again prepares to reunite at the event that reinvigorated the energy and spirit of the genre a couple of years back, there are plenty of special treats in store aimed at adding more magical memories to the Dreamstate narrative. From first-time US appearances to new side projects and intense aesthetics, Dreamstate keeps growing and innovating to bring the best vibes to its legions of loyal trance fans. Whether you’re a newcomer to the scene or a decades-long veteran, we come together to celebrate life and love through the emotive melodies of the music.

Dig in to some of the most anticipated aspects that await you Trancegiving weekend!

Gaia Steps Forth With Cali Debut

Armin van Buuren and Benno de Goeji make their California debut as the enrapturing duo Gaia. However, don’t go into it expecting these two trance legends to run the gamut of hits in a traditional 2X4 set. They’ll actually don cloaks to divert attention away from themselves as artists, in order to create a more intense focus on the music (not to mention that they completely abstain from talking to the audience). They’ve even got their own philosophy, which includes only producing and releasing trance music on their Gaia label, not collaborating with other artists, and refraining from vocal tracks.

JOC and Bryan Kearney Unlock Key4050

If the name doesn’t sound familiar, that’s because Dreamstate will be host to the worldwide debut of John O’Callaghan and Bryan Kearney’s new live show. Though they performed together as an enigmatic ID for the San Francisco Dreamstate, the SoCal event will be their first official performance as Key4050.

Jordan Suckley Gears Up for 3FECT

Another worldwide debut gracing the Dreamstate stage this year is Jordan Suckley’s 3FECT. The new concept is based around the art of DJing and incorporates scratching, effects, double-drop mixing, loops, and live mashups with controllers and fresh technology in tow.

Paul van Dyk Presents AEON

“Listen to the future. Immerse yourself in alternate dimensions of entrancing sights, sounds and sensations.” If these words from the teaser had your curiosity piqued, you’ll want to experience Paul van Dyk’s new project AEON as it comes to the West Coast for the first time. Additional musicians and visual artists for this fresh project will join the trance superstar onstage.

Arty Reprises His Alpha 9 Alias

Dreamstate is a time for some of our favorite representatives of trance to stretch their legs, and that’s no exception for Arty. This year marks the return of his Alpha 9 alias after a nearly seven-year absence. Through this alter ego, Arty focuses on a more progressive trance-oriented sound as Alpha 9, a project that has reinvigorated the producer with fresh energy.

The Thrillseekers Present Hydra

Steve Helstrip may be best known to trance crowds as the Thrillseekers, but he’s also got an alternate outlet for his craft under the moniker Hydra. Previously on hiatus since 2003, Hydra returned last year via the track “Amber.” And that comeback is going to be even more glorious when we see him in action next month.

Judge Jules Hammers Down the Classics

With his flashy shirts and stylish specs, the scene legend that holds a slew of honors and accolades will be digging deep into his crates for a special classic trance set at Dreamstate. Thankfully, his semi-retirement plan seems to be a distant memory, and his Global Warm Up episodes, as well as his Dreamstate playlist, help keep us hyped and pumped for his set.

RTF (Real Trance Family) Bring Their Viral Vibes

Though we may have adopted other fans into our ever growing #TranceFamily tree, one biologically related group of trance lovers has taken the internet by storm. The Belfast, Ireland, family rose to prominence as its patriarch and his three children jam out in their car to their favorite trance tunes. Their infectious and positive energy has earned them a spot at Dreamstate for their festival debut.

Many More US Debuts

While Dreamstate is the place for familiar faces to debut new aliases, there are also quite a few DJs stepping behind the booth in the States for the very first time. Here’s a whole list of newcomers to get excited for their first set on American soil: BLiSS, Blastoyz, Outsiders, Factor B, Shugz, Cold Blue, Fady & Mina, Robert Nickson, and Symbolic.

Iboga Hologram Show

Dreamstate is not only the first at many things music-wise, but also on the production front. In addition to the Iboga Hologram Show coming to the States for the first time, this also marks the debut of holograms in conjunction with the Dreamstate experience, which is going to be a fully immersive treat.

Vini Vici Delivers Customized Live Show for SoCal

Grab a front-row seat to the one-of-a-kind live show that Vini Vici specially designed for their set at Dreamstate. They are going to deliver a full visual show built to awaken the senses and up the ante of the trance vibes for the SoCal audience.

Soaring With Zero Gravity Arts

It isn’t an Insomniac show without our fantastical performers roving through the grounds to wow the audience with impressive feats. Zero Gravity Arts is a troupe of trampolinists that flip and fly high, while their dazzling, LED-punctuated outfits create hypnotic patterns of light when they soar through the air.

Dreamstate SoCal 2017 takes place Thanksgiving weekend, Friday, November 24, and Saturday, November 25, at the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino, CA. Tickets are on sale now. For more information, visit the official website.

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