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Knights. Wizards. Thieves, pirates and barbarians. The adventurers and explorers of fantasy realms long past (or that never really happened) have more things in common with the modern-day raver than one might think. Both have a sort of courage or daring-do to explore new realms, cross boundaries, and embrace the more mysterious sides of the universe. They live outside the dull, gray borders of what the average peasant would consider “normal.” They tend to travel in groups—not only to keep one another safe, but for the camaraderie. The modern-day raver has, this weekend, stepped into a realm inhabited by the lovers of magic and swordplay at the Texas Renaissance Festival, where Insomniac has unveiled its newly minted adventure for the ages: MIDDLELANDS.

So, if the adventuring heroes (say, out of a J.R.R. Tolkien book) were put together in a room with a group of modern-day ravers, what might they find that they have in common—albeit with subtle differences?

  1. Whether in a van cross-country or on horseback through the mountains, both are happy to live out of their backpack for a week.
  2. Both pack “staple foods” on their adventures. With our heroes, it’s the grim reality of beef jerky. With ravers, it’s the slightly more appealing Blow Pop.
  3. Caucasians having dreadlocks is a definite “thing.” In questing after dragons and sleeping in the forest, one tends to let whatever is going to “happen” with their hair, happen. For our Burner/hippie brothers and sister… well, we’re not quite sure on the reasoning. We love both.
  4. Barbarians and ravers both have trouble naming three friends who are not pierced somewhere.
  5. Both think castles are a great place for dancing.
  6. Both have sleeping patterns that would kill an average human being—by choice.
  7. Both think flaming projectiles are cool.
  8. Wizards and ravers both have a love of baggy clothes. Robes, pants… it’s all the same when the bass drops.
  9. Whether dungeon or warehouse party, both will travel hours and hours to a destination they aren’t even sure they’ll be able to get into. But in the end? Yeah, they will.
  10. Both believe there is such a thing as a “magic” flute. Or whistle?
  11. Out of sentimental attachment, both will keep their chosen light source after a particularly rewarding adventure. Torch. Glowstick. Either way.

Yes, here at Middlelands, we’re seeing many glowsticks. Many swords. Many smiles.

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