Moving from strength to strength with each and every release, Whiney levels up once again with the massive four-track Sunday Grunge EP for Hospital Records’ ever-impressive sister imprint, Med School. Exploring the dangerous netherworld between neuro and liquid, Whiney brings his expertly executed vision to the fore on turbo-charged bits like “Sunday Grunge,” “Unmasked,” and the vocal-driven “Set List.”

Even with all that dancefloor sizzle on tap, there’s something about Whiney exploring the deeper side of the dancefloor that gets us every time. From the melodious sweep of celestial atmospheres that conjure up visions of a night sky, all the way through to the bubbling groove at the core of the tune proper, Whiney crafts a hypnotic narrative that snakes its way through the synapses and is sure to hit you where it hurts.

This one drops today on Med School, so turn down the lights and let Whiney launch you into another dimension.

Available March 14 via Hospital Records.

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