The feels are flowing rather generously with Yotto’s quick-footed transition from fledgling producer to house music behemoth, making him a hotspot for heartfelt house music. Hailing from Helsinki, the dude has nestled his way into the pericardial cavities of a legion of listeners with captivating content on Anjunabeats in recent months. On his latest offering, “Anything About You,” he links up with fellow Finnish figure You Are Me and vocalist CAPS to woo the crowd all over again with an emotive mover that’ll stick to the sets of DJs from all across the board.

The original is wrapped with three solid reworks, one of which is a deep interpretation from Def Mix’s Francesco Tarantini and Hector Romero. Slanted more toward the tech house fare, their take coats the vocals with a mild mixture of pumping percussion and chord progressions wised-up for clubs and warehouses.

Available July 6 via SoSure Music.

Were you impulsive on this track, or did you have a sketch in mind before you started?
The track was written and pretty much finished in one session. We all sat down on a sunny day and came up with these smooth chords and the lyrics, and thought they made a nice pair. CAPS delivered some nice emotion into the slow-burning instrumental.

Describe the best setting/activity to hear this track.
Very, very early or very late—it comes to life on a big system or even in your headphones while walking at night.

What made Francesco Tarantini & Hector Romero ideal for remixing this track?
Hector and Francesco were a perfect pick as remixers, as they were able to take the emotion from the original and pack it with some deeper, more straightforward club vibes.

Creatively, how did the work on this track stack up to previous projects? Was this more challenging to complete than others?
Collaborations are always fun. We were shooting ideas from [one] laptop to another before stacking everything into one project. We (Anton & Otto) have a very organic flow when working together. CAPS would lie on the studio couch and hum additional melodies and draft some lyrics—teamwork at its best.

Have you played this one out in any of your sets? If so, what was the response?
We actually played it just one or two days after finishing it. The reaction was great, despite people not being familiar with the vocal at all.

Choose one feeling that sums up this release, and describe it to us.
Well, it is a song about love, isn’t it. 😉 It’s not a feeling you can run away from.

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