Scales’ “Fall in Love” was a huge tune when it dropped roughly a year ago. It was a big big-room house track with classic flair, bright synths, and the soulful crooning of Adana to tie it all together. And while it’s untouchable in that way, fast-rising talent under_score has grabbed on to a thread from the track and pulled out a single strand of brown caramelized sugar for the remix.

This piece goes from the big room to a bit of the warehouse. A simple beat loops with mellowed yet energetic flow. Eventually, Adana’s voice begins to roll through the mix until smooth pads make a space for it to progress. All of this energy rises to meet a fantastic anti-drop of a thick kick and more sweat-inducing percussion.

Part of the secret here is that under_score lets everything breath. On the one hand, the simple driving beats go straight on—with gentle flourishes here and there—inducing a groove without any interference. Likewise, the synths and vocals are allowed to take their own time to build, grow and dynamically swell. These two are juxtaposed together in a perfect harmony that is far more complex than it makes out to be. What you end up with is a solid take on the original that is sure to get a whole new crowd of feet moving.

Available March 27 via Simma Black.

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