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I wouldn’t exactly cut you off if this is the first time you’ve heard the name Tube & Berger, but I will silently judge you for not knowing what’s up. The German duo is about as good as it gets when it comes to assembling grooves, and their Entourage EP from last year still has heads quivering in unabated pleasure. If only there were some proper releases on their way to keep the good times rolling. Oh wait, there are.

German Brigante is one of three who have stepped up to flip the numbers on the Kittball release, and he comes out with his analog guns blazing. Armed with lush padlines and body-shocking synth hits, Brigante’s remix is one you can count on to steal the show. With an Australian tour and a new LP in the works for Get Physical, it won’t be long before the Spaniard invades this space again.

Available December 15 via Kittball Records.

Were you impulsive on this track, or did you have a sketch in mind before you started?
Totally impulsive. I​ ​actually ​ma​de​ two versions of this one—the original, and another more deep for release in 2016.

How do you measure the “success” of a track?
Normally, when I​ see the reaction ​from​ the public and the sales generate​d​.

What were you doing when you came up with the idea for this song? Did you drop what you were doing and get to work, or did you make notes and get to it when you could?
It was pure improvisation. I​ make a groove that ​I​ like, and step by step, ​I​ start to develop​ ​the track.

What kind of response have you seen when you’ve played this out in your sets?
The reception from the crowd is incredible. Every time I play it, I feel the energy of them; that is priceless to me. 🙂

What’s your favorite sound/synth/effect/etc. used here, and why?
My synthesizer is the Juno, but on this one, I used my Modular to give an electronic touch; that’s how I like!

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