Causing a stir behind the scenes for those in the know, UK-based Toronto Is Broken has quickly earned his way into the playlists of heavy-hitters across the globe, and with good reason. Coming with a drum & bass sound that draws from left field as much as it does the mainstream dancefloor, the ever-impressive producer seems to have found the perfect balance between the two as he gears up for his You Are Not Alone album, set to drop later this year on the mighty Viper Recordings.

The first single off the album features the young producer flexing on all fronts with the euphoric “Trying to Find Home,” featuring Jodie Carnall on vocals and providing a counterweight to the straight-up dark and deadly “Make Me Feel” that’s our Track of the Day.

As Toronto Is Broken tells us, this was not only the first track written for the album, but it served to set the stage for the narrative that was about to unfold: “‘Make Me Feel’ is about the album’s protagonist falling in and out of temptation and relapsing into depression, and they are at their darkest point in the story. The album version also includes a tempo change and a much longer outro—but you’ll just have to wait until the album is released (or see me live) to hear it!”

With no set release date on the full LP, this single version, due out tomorrow on Viper, will do more than hold us over. The tech-infused dreamscape at the core provides the perfect setting for a powerful groove that is sure to have the name Toronto Is Broken one we’ll be returning to again and again in the coming year and beyond.

Available June 2 via Viper Recordings.

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