While many producers today don’t think twice about rehashing tired ideas, Sébastien Léger didn’t get to where he is now by leaving something to be desired. The French virtuoso has spent the last two decades constantly shedding his skin to stay ahead of the times. His latest signing on Marc Romboy’s Systematic Recordings is as good an indication as any of just how skilled the seasoned vet is at altering his own reflection.

Staying away from the standard driving techno commonly associated with the imprint, Léger pens three house-leaning tracks that don’t go easy on the funk flavors. The titular cut, “Jelly Bean,” is an elixir brewed specifically for the ears. It’s a marvelous concoction, built on chunky drum patterns and iridescent synth progressions that spill over into sidling guitar strums and a sass-and-class nu-disco groove. Here’s what Léger had to say about the release:

I was definitely in a happy mood when I made these tracks, and my funky and melodic side teamed up on them! I’ve loved Systematic as a label for many years (my first vinyl I bought was from 2004, and I still have it), as they are very open-minded in the genres they sign; they are not blinded into only one style. It can be house, techno, tools or melodic tracks. That EP is a compact display of the real Séb. Funky, groovy, melodic. Tracks that really work for the floor.

Available April 29 via Systematic Recordings.

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