Champion Records can boast a three decade-long history in dance music, and that’s culminated with the release of “Night & Day.” The summery vocal anthem is not only geared to make the most of the end of this year’s peak season, but also marks the label debut of Sam Supplier.

“Champion Records are extremely pleased to be working with Sam,” the label says. “The day he walked in the office, the relationship had a good vibe about it. Sam is a very passionate individual about his music, and with Champion having the same love, we are motivated and excited to help get Sam’s music out there and heard. This is just the start for us.”

Sam’s label debut is brimming with classic house vibes, built around the simple thrills of its piano melody and catchy vocals, a combination that Sam says earned instant love on the dancefloor when he played it in its preliminary phases. (The music video, which was shot beachside, is an apt depiction of the track’s power to whisk away the listener to an idyllic oceanfront getaway.)

“I uploaded a snippet of me in the studio making the track on my Instagram without thinking too much of it,” he says. “Then, that next weekend, I could see the crowds already singing along. It was the sickest buzz and just hasn’t stopped spiraling up and up. To say that these are exciting times would be an understatement!”

Available October 20 via Champion Records.

Preorder Sam Supplier’s “Night & Day” here.

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