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With their upcoming collaborative EP, Rodion and Local Suicide have crafted a next-level journey in sound. On “True Love Floats,” this trio of artists goes into a world of perpetual midnight. Featuring additional vocal talent via the equally skilled Ali Beys, this track is as compelling as it is mysterious.

“True Love Floats” is a syrupy, slow chunk of late-night disco with a flair that’s equally futuristic and classic Italo at the same time—none of which is surprising, considering the backgrounds of Rodion along with Local Suicide’s Brax Moody and Vamparela. The latter’s deeply vocoded voice rasps out the title under a thick four-on-the-floor beat before a blade of synthy disco saws through the mix, taking all space and time with it.

Recorded in sessions somewhere between 2014 and 2016, the track holds the kind of rich warmth only analog gear can yield. Rodion and Local Suicide twist and turn the simple and stripped-down sounds with skill and ease. It’s an otherworldly, androidal soundtrack that could hypnotize even the coldest of human souls.

Available August 25 via My Favorite Robot.

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