Having earned their stripes with a continual onslaught of tech-fueled dancefloor anthems, the duo known as Mob Tactics step up to center stage once again as they prepare to hit Viper Recordings with another smoking-hot release. With the dust still settling from last year’s “Get Dirty” and “Shark Tank” singles and the bits off their Body Check EP still causing a ruckus on the streets, the UK crew hits us with a head-turning VIP of “Get Dirty,” followed by our Track of the Day, “Welcome to Your Nightmare.”

Where the “Get Dirty” VIP goes for the smash-and-grab treatment, “Welcome to Your Nightmare” winds the tension to the breaking point with the inimitable vocals of Nuklear MC pushing things into the red zone. Wicked synth hooks and a hairy bassline keep you on your toes as the razor-tipped claws come out at the drop and slash their way to the bitter end.

“We’ve talked with Hal (Nuklear MC) about doing a track together for ages now,” Luke from Mob Tactics tells us. “When we finally decided to get the ball rolling, he blew us away with what he delivered. The guy’s such a talented vocalist; we’re just sorry we didn’t do something with him sooner!”

“We knew we were gonna go in on a techy tip,” Mark adds, “but we wanted to keep it funky at the same time. The lyrics [Hal] recorded had a natural swing to them, so we decided to go on a triplet vibe, which we feel really complimented the feel of his vocals. We spent a long time on the track to get it just right, but we were so stoked with the end result! We’ll definitely be working with him again in the future, 100 percent.”

The full release drops today, so lock and load, and get ready to rumble!

Available April 28 via Viper Recordings.

Buy Mob Tactics’ Get Dirty VIP / Welcome to Your Nightmare here.

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