The overactive minds of Current Value and Dean Rodell have meshed together to give rise to one of the most enthralling projects to have surfaced out of drum & bass. It goes by the name of MachineCode, and the double-headed threat has already caved in a few skulls from a string of EPs they’ve thrown into the program.

Now, they’re ready to crack open their Mechtropolis LP, which tells the narrative of a not-so-distant dystopian future, when machines become sentient beings rallying to overthrow mankind. A sci-fi thriller in its own right, the album exists in a world they depict through insanely diverse, high-level productions.

They’ve been rolling out the cuts from the 16-track debut, leading up to its release on Eatbrain next week. Before they blew through them all, we managed to snag “Exit East” for today’s premiere. “[‘Exit East’] brings both musical values and impact to the project, namely the chords and the heavy bass,” says MachineCode. “It also exposes that minimalism in MachineCode tunes delivering that ‘less is more’ momentum. We wanted to add a fun and strong, chord-driven tune to the collection.” Etched in tech-tinged textures, the neurofunk number falls straight into the sweet spot between calm and chaotic.

Available via Eatbrain.

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