Five years ago, Skrillex rattled the dance music community like a category-five hurricane with “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites.” If you’d told me back then that the former From First to Last singer would produce a tropical riddim for Justin Bieber that I’d one day go on record supporting, I’d have asked you to pass whatever it was that you were smoking at the time.

Yet that unforeseeable day has come, and the Biebs and Skrillex have teamed up once again post “Where Are Ü Now” for more pop gold. They also called in longtime Grimes producer/wearer of black robes, Blood Diamonds, and the result is a 100-BPMish track that you’d secretly love to hear whilst sipping margaritas at your favorite happy hour spot. I’m not going to break down whether the lyrics have anything to do with Selena Gomez, because this isn’t TMZ, and I couldn’t really give a shit. But if this is the direction where pop music is going, then color me impressed.

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