For a 2.5-year-old enterprise, Hannover’s This Ain’t Bristol has been making a lot of joyful noise, much of it succinctly distilled on their recent compilation of bass-heavy house, Celebrations, and now with Gawp’s new EP, Clownbite. The bin-rattling title track, a chunky electro behemoth that chugs along to a hammer-like kick drum, gave us flashbacks to acid techno classics like Eon’s “The Spice,” while taking us deep into future bass.

“At one point, I closed my eyes, imagining I was lost in the woods, until the sound was so wrong it was right,” the Leeds-based producer tells us. “The name [Clownbite] stemmed from stumbling down the wrong path to the lost circus,” he adds.

Like everything This Ain’t Bristol is dropping these days, it’s instantly recognizable as rave-ready house and quite unlike anything booming across sound systems these days—which is precisely what Gawp was aiming for.

“I had set my mind with some twisted creative thoughts to try and make something unique… I wanted to sound like no one else, experimenting in synthesis, so I couldn’t possibly replicate the sounds easily again (I even sold a synth after making the track ‘Exposed to What’).”

We’re not suggesting that Gawp keep selling his gear, but however he keeps his mojo working, we’re here for it. Clownbite drops at the end of the month, just in time for haunted “house” parties everywhere.

Available October 26 via This Ain’t Bristol.

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