The flag-bearers of the Stateside sounds of liquid drum & bass, Bachelors of Science, blew heads away back in 2015 with their third album, The Space Between. The hype continues to live on in the form of its remix packages, with the third in the series featuring four fresh reworks. Our favorite comes from fellow NorCal D&B aficionado Flaco, with his remix of “Don’t Hold Back.”

The highly skilled Flaco takes the already smooth and moody number, which is highlighted by Dylan Germick’s spare vocals, and brings it to an even more fluid space. Sanding down the beats to a velvety texture, his version of “Don’t Hold Back” could befit the tone at your dinner table just as easily as it could keep you at a steady shuffle on the molten dancefloor.

Available November 14 via Code Recordings.

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