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With the arrival of DC Breaks’ Different Breed LP finally upon us, fans are eager to sink their teeth into the massive 15-track project.

While the entire album rides that flex between uplifting melodies and chest-thumping grooves, the aptly titled “Step Up” is what we consider the perfect encapsulation of everything we love about that DC Breaks sound. With haunting, ethereal atmospheres and hypnotizing sweeps hinting at the darkness lurking around the edges, it isn’t until that dirty vocal stab breaks through and announces the arrival of the tune proper that you realize you’ve been hooked and can’t turn back. Using an expert sense of timing, the duo bring on the tension before releasing the dancefloor with a dirty, stepping beat and an exquisite call-and-response between the elements, quickly winding up the tension as we blast our way through the second drop.

Whether it’s that crisp percussion, the hustling groove, or dirty mid-range stabs that get you, it isn’t until we pull up for a hair-raising breather at the second breakdown that we realize the journey DC Breaks has just led us on. By the time the haunted dreamscape begins to swirl and hurtle its way toward the drop once again, you know you’re ready and willing to take whatever DC Breaks is kicking.

The full LP drops today via RAM Records, so strap on in and be sure to lock in your own copy of DC Breaks’ Different Breed LP at the RAM shop!

Available now via RAM.

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