Packaged as part of the Viper Recordings Drum & Bass Annual 2017 compilation LP, French duo Bluescreens epic offering “Bullet” is designed to hit you where it hurts. While the compilation gathers 27 hit singles from the imprint’s releases over the course of the past year, for the true drum & bass aficionados out there, it’s the 10 new unreleased tracks included in the cut that are sure to have you eager for more.

While heads like Dossa & Locuzzed, North Base, the Voss & NC-17, Blaine Stranger, and Halflight bring their A-game to the proceedings, it’s this celestial number from Bluescreens that brings on the shivers in all the right places. From the melancholy intro that slowly eases you in, all the way through to the anxiety-inducing build that tugs at the heartstrings before dumping you straight into the hypnotizing sweep of upfront percussion and a chugging lead, Bluescreens deliver on all fronts. As with all tunes that rise above the rest, this is one of those you want to let play out all the way through to the last drop!

Available January 6 via Viper Recordings.

Preorder Viper Recordings’ Drum & Bass Annual 2017 here.

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