In the late 1990s, you couldn’t get away from French house music if you hopped on the Concorde going backward. Its filtered disco loops and samples on steroids permeated dancefloors and airwaves around the world, to borrow a hook popular at the time. Although it never died, it did take a backseat to other styles as the 21st century rolled on.

Flash forward to today, and to Frenchman Tony Romera’s latest jam, “Left.” The filtered sound is still there, but it’s now imbued with a heftier bass, a sassier shuffle, and an epic drop.

“It’s a perfect song to demonstrate my influences, as well as my vision for the future of French house,” says Tony. “Taking old feelings and making them new in my own special way—that’s what I want, people to feel!”

Mission accomplished, Tony.

Available October 5 via Pinnacle Collective.

Buy Tony Romera’s “Left” here.

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