Eatbrain continues to blaze its way to the forefront of the drum & bass scene with its undying support of the tech-driven neuro side of the genre. With the latest EP being kicked out courtesy of the long-lost Task Horizon crew, the sci-fi horror dreamscapes reach their apex as heads like Magnetude and Neonlight join in on the proceedings, alongside a healthy selection of solo cuts from the Swiss production outfit.

Having ghosted on the scene in 2014 after a massive run to the top, Task Horizon return with an anabolic boost to their sound that more than makes up for lost time and zeroes in on the dancefloor. Weighing in at a beastly five tracks, their Overclocking Reality EP is one of those releases that make it hard to choose just one favorite tune. From the deceptive seduction of the title track on through to the interstellar heavy metal of “Immortality Protocol” done up in collaboration with Magnetude, the crew is obviously in top form.

While underground anthems like “Flight Simulator” and “M-920 Cain” bring on the robo-stomp with inimitable style, it’s this “Enigma Machine” cut that reveals the maximum output your synapses can handle when the entire crew is firing on all cylinders. A collaborative effort in conjunction with German heavyweights Neonlight, the menacing, razor-sharp groove at the core brings on the chest-thump, while the orchestral, cinema-inspired sweep of melodies give it that extra dose of musicality that elevates this one to an entirely new level. Check the heat below, and join us in welcoming Task Horizon back to center stage.

Available February 5 via Eatbrain.

Buy the Overclocking Reality EP here.

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