Relationshipping can be exhausting. While some people have sworn off intimacy altogether, others are holding onto the idea that love is the only thing worth living for. No matter what side of the stick you currently find yourself on, love will always find a way to throw you for a loop. This Valentine’s Day, find comfort in the fact that you can lean on this list of lyrics to help you get through the highs and lows of your love life. 

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Flux Pavilion x NGHTMRE ft. Jamie Lewis “Feel Your Love” (Jessica Audiffred Remix)

“I can feel your love // Yet can’t get enough // I thought I’d let you know that feeling in my soul // And I’m gonna show you what I mean tonight”

Just because trap is predominately rough and rugged, that doesn’t mean it’s devoid of emotions. Emerging artist Audiffred drives that point home, as she takes the fully transparent exclamations Jamie Lewis makes on the massive collaboration and creates a mind-blowing pitched- and switched-up remake. If your love feels even half as powerful as the low-end on this one, then consider yourself lucky. 

ODESZA “Light”

“Was always drawing secrets on your wall // My clothes were always falling on your floor // A reckless heart could never be much more”

I almost died when I first found out ODESZA and Little Dragon got busy in the studio and merged their feathery styles on a joint jam. The chemistry they shared here is so ridiculously unreal, it feels almost like it was perfected somewhere in a petri dish. With a narrative of getting caught up in a hookup-only romance, frontwoman Yukimi Nagano coos about having to jump through hoops in a “relationshit” that is essentially Netflix and no chill. If this sounds like your current arrangement, do yourself a favor and find a festival head who sees you for what you’re really worth. 

Above & Beyond “Alone Tonight” (Jason Ross Remix)

“I’ve wrestled with angels all my life // It’s always the halos and the wings that keep you blind”

It’s not always the narcissistic jerks and high-maintenance divas that’ll burn you. Sometimes, the heartache can come from seemingly sweet, innocent suitors. This classic Above & Beyond anthem has been given a new shine from emerging trance producer Jason Ross, and the vocal-driven tune still speaks volumes to those who are struggling with having too much solitude on their hands. If you’re doing the table-for-one thing this weekend, don’t lose hope. That special someone could be waiting right around the corner of the speakers. 

Ta-ku & Wafia “Love Somebody” (Poté Remix)

“I know we never get it right // We only ever seem to fight // Anyone else would walk away // When you love somebody, then you stay”

Every ravelationship has its rough patches. Things can’t always be c02 cannon shots and confetti blasts. But as long as the good nights out manage to outweigh those inevitable lovers’ quarrels, then all is not lost. Remember to keep an open heart and extend as much compassion as possible (even when you’re in the wrong), because that’s always been the raver way. 

Flume “Never Be Like You”

“Stop looking at me with those eyes // Like I could disappear and you wouldn’t care why”

You know the look. Mistakes were made. You fucked up. Maybe you forgot to buy those tickets to the now sold-out event. Whatever it is, there’s a high likelihood this person has made up their mind about ghosting on you. Blast this wavy, slow-burning jam from Flume and Kai, and start the I’m-sorry spiel before that person reaches the door. 

Vindata “Own Life” (Shift K3Y Remix)

“I can’t be jumping out my seat for everybody’s minor needs // That don’t make me selfish, baby, that don’t make me mean”

It’s normal to want to throw favors to your sig other. However, you shouldn’t be on the hook to wait on them hand-and-foot every second of every day. It’s a two-way street, so make sure to take turns hitting the water refill station or giving that post-rave back rub. If things are feeling way too one-sided, take notes from Vindata’s “Own Life”—which has just been given a rework from Shift K3Y—and remember that special treatment should always be reciprocated. 

NERVO ft. Timmy Trumpet “Anywhere You Go” (Kotek Remix)

“From the moon to the stars // You can show me the way, I’ll follow”

You know how some people are so sprung on their partner that they seem connected at the hip? That’s the image we see when we hear the NERVO twins softly sing out these words about following that special someone anywhere, anytime. It’s way too cute, but there are still some places where a little bit of privacy is necessary (hello, porta-potties). 

Alison Wonderland “Already Gone” 

“I’ve been vibing, life goes on // The places and faces // I found a world away from your bullshit”

There’s nothing more annoying than dealing with a breakup. No one wants to mope around and consequently have to turn down a fun night on the town because you’re still hung up on your ex. It takes time to get back up on your feet and feel good enough to get out there on the dancefloor. You’ll get there. And once you do, this Alison Wonderland joint will lend you a level of empowerment that, in reality, lay dormant inside of you this whole time. 

Colleen D’agostino ft. deadmau5 “Stay” 

“Your eyes, they no longer speak for you // Inside, tell me where you hide the truth”

Respect is one of the core principles in the raver’s handbook. And with that, invariably, comes honesty and trust. You’ve got to keep it real with your sig other, even if that means having to come clean and say you’re looking to keep your options open. Colleen and deadmau5 collabed on this forlorn ballad, and it should strike a chord with those who feel like the person they’re dating isn’t keeping it 100. It might be time to cut ties and start searching for a new festival fling. 

Caribou “Your Love Will Set You Free” (c2’s Set U Free Remix)

“I can’t tell you how // hard it has been since I left you // You’re my sweet thing // The only thing I want is to caress you”

One of the most painful lessons is realizing someone’s worth only after they are gone. Whether you thought it might be smart to try to play the field or didn’t feel like compromising your crazy party lifestyle, no reason seems sufficient once you wake up with a hole in your heart. But that’s on you. This one goes out to the ones that got away. 


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