House heavy-hitters Soup NYC are back to drop a hot new EP from English powerhouse Rich Wakley. Titled Underdog, this fiery two-tracker not only boasts solid originals, but is also stocked with some beefy remixes. One case in point is Skapes’ tight handling of the title track.

While the original version is a deep but pumping chunk of house, driven by cymbal crashes and off-kilter stabs, Skapes strips the mix down and gives a low tech-house drive. A locked kick/hat combo rides in, peppered with sporadic drips of ice-cold sounds, before a rich and heat-fueled bassline cuts through. This take gives the tune plenty of room to breathe but never lets things get stale. Skapes keeps the out-of-left-field sampling style of the original but contributes plenty of his own sounds here, blending them in a way that builds serious heat.

This remix takes the original into the realm of all-night warehouse sweat. The rhythm stays locked in and captivating, letting the rest of the track wander around to explore the space. It’s definitely a solid tune and a welcome addition to the original.

“‘Underdog’ has been a hidden gem in my sets for some time now,” Wakley tells Insomniac. “I wanted to create something that was both peak-time, rolling and techy, but had the added bonus of a unexpected melody in the break. I love the reaction from the crowd when the melody hook echoes around the speakers. Skapes has delivered a monster of a remix, as well, with his signature dirty bass and tight percussion—definitely not to be missed!”

Available April 27 via Soup NYC.

Buy Rich Wakley’s Underdog EP here.

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