When word started to spread about EDC making its way over to China, a likely thought in the back of everyone’s mind was something to the effect of, “Did they book [insert favorite artist name] for the big debut?” Today, we put those questions to rest as we pushed out the lineup announcement, which lists out the acts you can catch when the Carnival sets up shop in Shanghai.

Not only are you able to stare at the roster in all its international glory, but you’re able to hear it here first through our official EDC China 2018 playlist. In it, you will find one carefully selected track from every artist on the bill. What you won’t find is a reason not to be there in April once the party gets going.

The first-ever EDC China takes place Sunday, April 29, and Monday, April 30, at Shanghai International Music Park in Shanghai, China. Tickets are on sale now. 

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