An endearing sophistication has always been embedded deep within the output of Infinity Ink—the type you see come to life only when two longtime friends connect the dots between their penchant for funk, disco, soul, house, and a cosmically charged energy. Luca Cazal and Ali Love have a camaraderie that extends beyond two decades, and it’s that very rapport that has allowed them to craft mesmerizing singles like it’s second nature. But they’re now finally ready to take the big leap with their debut LP, House of Infinity, due out later this year.

The first salvo from the album arrives in the form of “Rushing Back,” a soulful, melodically sound number that sees them roping in songstress Yasmin for the affair. This specific union between Infinity Ink and the Rinse FM personality is not a first-time occurrence, after they melted hearts with googly-eyed single “How Do I Love You” back in 2016. Picking up where they left off, the pieces for “Rushing Back” fell into place effortlessly during a session that involved “jamming on the drums with an MPC sampler,” says Cazal. “Yasmin and Ali wrote the lyrics, along with the vocal melody, in only a couple of hours.” Only the best projects seem to crystallize in such a fashion.

Adding even more appeal to the package are reworks from Brett Johnson and Seb Zito, the latter ramping up “Rushing Back” to fit into the folders of the more discerning folk. The Fuse London resident locks the groove into a rolling minimal rhythm, distilling Yasmin’s vocal work down to its essence and lacing it with spacey bleeps, tumbling percussion, tropical chirps, warbling low-end, and the signature Seb Zito drive.

“It’s a pleasure to remix for the guys, as I admire and respect their work,” Zito tells Insomniac. “My idea was to maintain an element of the vocal but also work it for the club/dancefloor, which I think I’ve executed well in this track.” If getting heads to sweat was his goal, we’d say he was right on target.

Available February 1 via Cooltempo.

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