Composed of seasoned artists, DONT BLINK is a tech house duo gaining hard traction right out of the gate. In a matter of months, they’ve dropped releases on Nervous Records and Rawsome Recordings, with support from the likes of Low Steppa and David Guetta. Keeping the momentum blazing, DONT BLINK are set to unleash their own record label, Low Ceiling, christened by a release of their own, as well. “Moving On” is a bouncing, big-energy chunk of tech house. It’s also bringing on serious remix duties by the likes of Space Food and Samuel Dan.

The latter is a Spanish powerhouse with an equally frantic pace of output and success. For his take, Samuel Dan pulls the energy down just a notch while barreling forward with an active and warmly chunky bassline. This becomes the standout feature of the track, which was also apparently what DONT BLINK were counting on.

“Samuel Dan brought over his signature rolling bassline, which is exactly what we were hoping for,” the duo tells Insomniac. “He’s had some great releases in the past, and his remix takes a lot of elements from the original and gives it a new drive and vibe that will be very appreciated by DJs who like a more rolling, driving low-end.”

Beyond the slight reining in, Dan rounds off the original synths with a bit of the percussion, as well—but all of this is done without loss to the bounce and groove of the original. In fact, it’s a very complementary remix, indeed, from a producer very excited to be involved here.

“I’ve been a fan of DONT BLINK’s music since day one,” Samuel Dan elaborates. “When they asked me to remix one of their tracks, it was a no-brainer. I’m very happy to be part of the very first release of their new label.”

Both the original version of “Moving On” and this remix showcase a set of artists pushing forward with a zeal for style and talents to back that up.

Available January 11 via Low Ceiling.

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