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Three definitely rising stars in the current L.A. scene would have to be Sage Armstrong, Steady Rock, and Franklyn Watts. So, it would only make sense for these powerhouses to join forces and launch their own label. Dumb Fat Records promises to be an imprint to watch. But the best news so far is that all three artists have collaborated on the inaugural release. It’s a hefty two-track EP named In My Living Room, and it hits in all the right places.

Both tracks are dizzyingly deep house thumpers that swerve in their own lane. And if the A-side is the party hit, then the B-side is the secret mutant banger. “Where You At?” comes in with a solid beat wrapped around a chunky kick. Not to be outdone, a lowdown funky bassline fires away even chunkier. A blunt vocal hook—delivered in the usual hazy styling of Armstrong himself—wobbles around the phrase “Where you at with your fine ass?” as skittering acid synths chirp in an angular minor tone.

It’s a fairly tight package all together, and the three artists do well to give the whole thing a late-night dancefloor-filling vibe. “Where You At?” is a solid left-field go-to for any listener who wants to take things to a new level. It’s a great start for Dumb Fat and a harbinger of things to come.

Available March 15 via Dumb Fat.

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