Italian duo Reebs have been steadily on the rise since first showing up in 2013, having already popped up on imprints such as Musical Freedom, Spinnin’ Records, and Mainstage Music. They are now ready to unleash a filthy little number that brings old-school fidget house straight into the modern dance music era.

“‘Like That’ is a relevant track for us because, in addition to being the flagship piece of our very first EP, it’s also our first release after months of hard work in the studio,” they tell Insomniac. “Our intent with this EP is to propose our new vision of fidget house. There are many talents that are moving in this direction, and Insomniac and its labels are clearly an example.”

On the package’s lead single, Reebs keeps things clean and minimal—well, maybe not completely clean. The boys reach just the right amount of naughty by layering a thick kick under a grimy bed of modulated bass hits. If their forecasts are true and fidget is due for a comeback, Reebs are putting themselves well ahead of the curve with this jackin’ release that’s clearly ready to own some dancefloors.

Available July 6 via Playbox Records.

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