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Prepare for the face-melt as Ray Volpe’s “Rave Rage” gets the remix treatment from the ever-impressive Warez. With both producers hailing from North Carolina, it’s a natural meeting of the minds—yet nothing can quite prepare you for the full-on pressure this one’s about to deliver to your dome.

As Warez tells it: “I’m extremely excited to put out this remix for my good friend Ray Volpe. It was awesome to work with a hometown friend and be able to take his synthlines and samples in a different musical direction.”

Don’t let the humble tone fool you: Warez went all-in and rinsed this one the fuck out. With an epic horn intro sounding the call-to-arms for all the basshead faithful, the tune unfolds like a beacon in the night as all the bass-face zombies converge on the speakers before the cinematic build cracks and dumps a brain-rattling dose of bottom-end that we can’t wait to experience on a big rig.

Designed as a full-body experience, Warez centers the ride on a warped beat and twisted groove, with each and every pull-up on the bass-flex a proper head-ringer. If you’re like us, you won’t even realize you’ve been holding your breath until we ease into the mid-tune breakdown. As Warez eases off the gas just long enough for you to catch your bearings, once that slow burn starts building to the second rope, brace yourself for another round of Warez hitting the hammer and bringing on the pain.

It’s a big tune on a remix EP already packed with heavy-hitters from the likes of Yakz, Somnium Sound, Algo, Oliverse, Benda, LUX, and Reach. The full No Emotion Allowed remix EP drops today across the globe.

Available now as a self-release here.

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