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It’s time to bust out the gas masks, as a full-on bass contagion is headed your way—courtesy of INFEKT, as he prepares to bring his dubstep-driven sizzle to Countdown NYE this weekend. If his name isn’t on your radar yet, trust us when we say he’s one you definitely have to clock, having been dubbed “the next driving force in dubstep” by none other than the Bassrush crew. A member of the heavyweight Monsters squad out of Germany, he’s come up in a massive way over the past year, his wonky flavor finding a home on imprints ranging from NSD Black Label to Disciple and FuntCase’s own DPMO label. If you like your beats on the dark and aggressive tip, INFEKT is the one for you.

We touched down with the Deutschland devil himself for a quick look back at where he’s been, where he’s going, and of course, a full-on, synapse-twisting guest mix to get you in the mood for the festivities this weekend. Check it below.

Countdown NYE 2017 is an 18+ event taking place Saturday, December 30, and Sunday, December 31, at NOS Events Center in San Bernardino, CA. Tickets are on sale now. For more information, visit the official website.

This has been an epic year for you. Have you had a chance to sit back, reflect, and let it all sink in? What were some of your personal highlights or goals achieved over the past year that stand out for you?
2017 has been a crazy year. So many things happened that I couldn’t even have dreamed of; they were so out of reach, I didn’t think it was possible. My recent releases and some of the shows I’ve played—feels kind of unreal.

This year has been massive for the broader bass music scene as well. Who were some of the artists that stood out to you and captured just how lit 2017 was?
2017 has kind of brought back a style I was missing for a few years now. With artists such as Spass, Snor, 5ohman and Akira, I have a new hope for the genre!

Where do you see yourself heading in 2018? What kind of personal goals are you setting?
I don’t really set a lot of goals for myself, so I’ll just keep doing what I love and see where it takes me! There are so many possibilities, I don’t want to have set expectations and then be disappointed if it ends up going another way.

Of course, we can’t let you go without tapping your prophetic vision for who we should be looking out for artist-wise in the coming year. Who do you think is going to blow up?
One guy who is definitely overdue to blow up is Akira. His music keeps improving, and I love playing his tracks out. He’s a true OG in the scene and deserves more recognition, in my opinion!

Last but not least, we are amped to be hosting this promo mix from you ahead of Countdown. Especially for those who have yet to witness you live on the decks, what kind of vibes should they be expecting when they hit play on the mix or come see you live on New Year’s Eve?
They should be expecting some classic, dark dubstep with a lot of flow, alongside some modern heaviness—basically, a collection of some of my favorite dubstep tracks of the last few years!

INFEKT’s Countdown NYE 2017 Mix Track List:

Snor “Devil’s Choice VIP” VIP
Subfiltronik & Coffi “Baron Greenback”
Subfiltronik x Phex “Blisiblockz”
Subfiltronik & Badphaze “Output Control” (Bloodthinnerz Remix)
Benzmixer & Subfiltronik “CNTC” (Benzmixer VIP)
INFEKT “Dark Arcade”
INFEKT “Marauders” (Special Version)
Spass “Playboy”
Blankface, Bloodthinnerz & Deemed “Savages” (Blankface 2013 VIP)
Blankface “Shaolin” (VIP)
Subfiltronik ft. Skullion Shadez “Passout” (Shiverz 2014 Special)
Phex, Subfiltronik & Benzmixer “Turn It Out vs. R28D”
Benzmixer & Ratchet “Turmoil” (INFEKT VIP)
INFEKT “Super Solitaire”
Badphaze “Filter Bass” (Subfiltronik VIP)
Badphaze “Bunch of Muppets” (Subfiltronik VIP)
Benzmixer “Lagoon Terminal” VIP
INFEKT & Griefer “Cold Cut” (INFEKT Remix)
Subfiltronik & Benzmixer “Psycho” (VIP)
Spass “Don’t Move”
Subfiltronik & D-Jahsta “Override”
INFEKT “Obscurial” (Special Version)
INFEKT x Subfiltronik “Blockalorg”
AD & Styn “The Undead” (Nam7 VIP)
INFEKT “Double Arcade”
Phex & Benzmixer “Screwoff”
Obey “SPLO”
Subfiltronik & Badphaze “Badass”
Katzu x Calcium “Mental”
Spass “Hi Tek” (Bukez Finezt Remix)
Subfiltronik “Passout” (INFEKT Remix)
INFEKT “Red Planet”

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