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They say you’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with, and the same principle applies to artists and the labels they are connected to. Pass the 40 is a name you might not know off the bat, but give the Dallas-based producer a little more time to turn that around. He’s been grinding it on the release game recently, scoring signings on Box of Cats, Perfect Driver, Audiophile, Main Course, and more. Treasure Fingers’ Psycho Disco! is the latest crew to kick him down with some street cred as they help push out his next two-tracker, All We Came to See.

The title cut is the business. A low-slung rhythm and choppy basslines bang out beneath a frisky whistle synth lead that keeps the vibe locked across the track’s four-minute run. Adding in another layer to make those lumps shake is the pitched-down vocal, letting you know the real reason people showed up to the club. It’s booty house at its finest—and another excuse to stay up on Pass the 40.

Available June 22 via Psycho Disco!

Buy Pass the 40’s All We Came to See here.

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