L.A.’s Nite Records is back with another round of their much-lauded Winter Nites compilations. Now into its third volume, the series has included notables such as Steve Darko, Westend, and even Niles Shepard for this installment. But that’s only half the story, as the label reaches far and wide for talents who push the boundaries of house music.

A perfect example of this would be No Messin, who turns in a deep and epic journey named “Move With Me.” The London producer already has quite the reputation, with releases on Dirtybird, Tons & Tons, and more. But this track for Nite Records is something special. It somehow manages to be a body-moving house thumper, full of sporadic sounds and melodic gestures—and yet at the same time, a sparse, stripped-down piece of experimental late-night music. The beat has a simple but unshakable groove, held up by a thick and catchy bassline. Unique elements chime briefly in and out to create intricate moments of organic sound. A hypnotic voice compels the listener to “move with me.” All the while, the dynamic shifts rise and fall like a slow-motion tide that carries just as forceful of an undertow. No Messin has put together the kind of tune that has kept people coming back for every Nite Records compilation.

Available March 5 via Nite Records.

Buy the Nite Records Winter Nites Vol. 3 compilation album here.

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