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The flight path of Mike McFly has been closing in on a nearly 90-degree angle, as the Netherlands native continues to sweep across the most recognized imprints in house music. Career-maker Claude VonStroke has been heavily rinsing “Cone Blower” after releasing it as a Birdfeed exclusive, the superfan service available to diehard Dirtybird followers. And Green Velvet’s Relief stable just put their stamp on McFly’s wacky “Break It” collab alongside fellow up-and-comer Lucati. The point is that the McFly name has been popping up on legit labels left and right, and the Audiophile XXL stable are the latest to contribute to the cause.

Mike McFly’s Flysawce EP drops at the end of the week, with both cuts stemming from his need to create music on the fly. “I work very much on an experimental basis, which means that when I start a project, I try some crazy stuff,” he says. “If it kind of works, I try to curate and navigate those ideas toward a solid house tune—no specific inspiration, although I think this really is a good testament of my style.”

“Woah Nu Edit” is the naughty number on the A-side, a seismic storm of straight-up strangeness powered by a bassline that means business. He opens it up with hints of grumbling bottom-end sprinkled between the shuffling drums, until a short-lived breakdown erupts into an insane sequence of brain-tickling subwoofer magic that’s broken up neatly by the looping “whoa” vocal samples. It’s reason enough to keep tabs on anything Mike McFly steps out with in the future.

Available June 1 via Audiophile XXL.

Buy Mike McFly’s Flysawce EP here.

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