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Audiophile XXL is about to drop the whopping eighth installment of their Doble XX Grande compilation series. It’s always a tight clutch of hefty hitters, and this round is no exception. Not only that, but it sees the return of one artist in particular after a much needed studio break. Florida’s Middath claims his addition to this release was not only the first track he completed upon his return, but also his first release of 2018.

“Back for the First Time” is a deep tech house thumper that drags a trail of fire in its wake. You’d never know Middath took simple sounds and tossed them around until a form began to rise. The beat jumps right in with cold percussion shuffled into body-moving grooves. Rich basslines and robotic synth stabs churn against modified vocal samples to form something that’s as chillingly deep as it is sweat-inducingly hot.

“When I started making this one, I just threw a bunch of shit at the wall to see what stuck best,” Middath tells Insomniac. “The bassline came straight off my Novation Bass Station II, I chopped a few samples on my Maschine, and imported my drums from a previous session that I’d never finished. One of the synths I used is called Element from WAVES—not a popular synth by any means, but it works well for me. It’s cheap and sounds like shit, which is what I like.”

“Back for the First Time” almost seems like an artist using simple strokes with fresh eyes. Nothing is overthought or too complicated. This track takes only what it needs and yields it to maximum effect. It’s not only a great return for Middath, but also a solid tune for this XXL compilation.

Available October 12 via Audiophile XXL.

Buy Audiophile XXL’s Doble XX Grande Volume 8 compilation album here.

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