Zurich’s Fat Sushi had a hit on their hands recently with the misty melodic techno thumper “Serenity.” So, it should come as no surprise that a remix EP was announced hot on the heels of this release. Tapping two other deep and heady producers, Atelier Francesco and Martin Waslewski, Fat Sushi is ready to set these tracks free on their own label, Fat Wax Recordings.

For his take, Martin clearly believed in keeping the deep and atmospheric vision of the original, instead focusing on the more percussive and rhythmic elements. A kick leads the way here, rather than the tension-wrapped arpeggiated synth of the original. He surrounds this with a host of subtle yet effective percussive elements that have an almost tribal feel and tend to lean more toward house territory. Removing some of the original synth elements, he lets the hypnotic lead shine and carry the remix aloft. Martin gives this take more of a drive but strips things down even further and deeper.

The rhythmic choices go a long way to give this version of “Serenity” a warm and steady dynamic. Sounds seem to float in and fall out at the right moments, and punctuations have an organic timing and intensity. Martin has grabbed what he feels are the key elements of “Serenity” and given them focus, while still taking listeners on a long and otherworldly journey. This pulsing yet hushed remix is definitely a strong addition to the original.

Available December 17 via Fat Wax Recordings.

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