Continuing to rocket their way to the top with each and every release, the Anglo-Russian duo known as Magnetude hit the mother lode as they touch down on the legendary RAM Records. Showcasing their ability to craft neuro-infused chest-thumpers just as easily as they can flip the script and dump into goosebump-inducing breakdowns, the release features the duo in top form as they go all-in on a pair of expertly crafted burners.

While the twisted headspace of “Snatch” brings on the shivers in all the right ways, it’s the sci-fi-tinged “Signal” that has us up in arms at Insomniac HQ. From the distressed female robo-vox that hold it down at the core, to the rugged groove that winds it out for the dancefloor, the real heart of the tune emerges from the ever-evolving narrative that Magnetude tell us inspired the creation of the tune:

We wanted to tell a story based on a scientific project in a neo-Tokyo city, in which a female robot encased in human tissue is being operated on in front of doctors watching from an auditorium. She eventually breaks free and tries to make an escape through the corridors, cutting down anyone that tries to stop her.

The vocal elements in the first half of the track were representative of her malfunctioning, and we wanted to add FX into the percussion to give the mechanical feel of the operation. We wanted to do a totally different second half of the track that had energy and speed to envision her escape, with the outro atmospherics being the pinnacle moment, where she falls to her death from the top floor.

Whether you can visualize the cinematic dreamscape Magnetude is kicking, or you simply want to get lost in the beats, this heater from RAM Records is not one to be missed.

Available March 2 via RAM.

Buy Magnetude’s Snatch / Signals here.

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