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Fresh talent Lucati is jumping in hard on the opportunity to do a remix for Eric Mark and VNSSA’s collaborative project, the Sunday Club. The duo is about to drop a short and sweet EP called Machete, on Stranger’s Tons & Tons label, and the title track is getting some serious work from the California native.

The Sunday Club’s original version is a bouncy house thumper with a garage lean, backed by a gritty sawed bassline and a lot of energy flowing through it. It only makes sense for Lucati to strip away some of those layers and work the skeleton underneath. He works in a low-end vibe with a sparse but driving tech house style. With the exception of a mildly shuffled kick, the beat stays cold and locked here, as subtle shifts in the soundscape create a simple, hypnotic dynamic that clatters over the warm liveliness of an oceanic bassline. It’s the simple elements here that make it go a long way, in terms captivating a crowd.

Lucati clearly had a vision of how to keep the heart of the original yet move into new territory. Even through the deep tech-house identity here, this remix changes, rises, and falls constantly—yet so subtly that only the body would notice. It’s a great contrast to the Sunday Club’s original track, and definitely a solid addition to this EP.

Available July 31 via Tons & Tons.

Download Lucati’s “Machete” remix here.

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