Relative newcomer Lowdown is among good company with an upcoming release for powerhouse collective/label Box of Cats. Spearheaded by an all-star crew consisting of Wongo, Kyle Watson, Jeff Doubleu, and Tom Q, it’s the perfect fit for a producer who takes catchy beats slightly outside of the box.

“Slightly outside the box” is also an apt descriptor for the title track of the release in question, “Dance 4 Me.” Lowdown goes straight in with a foot-moving tech house groove. Though it’s a deep and catchy rhythm, there’s already a quirky feel between the siren and periodic bleeps that sounds something like a computer error.

From there, you get flecks of off-kilter sounds sputtering against dynamically rising parts that lean at times into fidget territory. The bassline drops in deep and sneery, while punctuated by whistles that help keep you on your toes. Lowdown does a lot with the track, but it’s all tucked into a breezy grin. It’s the type of tune that stays fresh through all of its quirky choices, from sound to execution, layered over the backdrop of dancefloor-filling beats. “Dance 4 Me” is definitely a fiery, left-field number that will easily fulfill its own request.

Available May 31 via Box of Cats.

Buy Lowdown’s Dance 4 Me’ EP here.

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