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Fast fact: The first London Bridge was built by the Romans in 43 AD.

But we are not concerned about that particular landmark. Not really. Or anything British, for that matter. Of more interest to us is the “new” LondonBridge. Whether his mother actually dubbed him “Rami Dearest” is debatable, but Rami Perlman is definitely one third of the trio behind the well-oiled Los Angeles weekly rave-up Space Yacht. He’s gotten together with up-and-comer Lliam Taylor, who has not chosen to tag himself after a piece of world-famous architecture (occasionally Lliam T). Kicking Cupid and taking names with the 2016 Valentine’s Day drop of his joy-house romper “Crazy for You,” LondonBridge has been setting heads to bob and hips to piston from the studio and the stage over the last two years.

Combining their considerable talents on both “Creepin’” and “Gassed,” the lads have favored Insomniac’s In / Rotation imprint with two superduper, body-movin’ cuts where heavy-hammer adrenaline meets a dark-but-smiling zaniness. Both are undoubtedly going to bring your ears and your dancing shoes much closer together.

In the very near future.

Let’s try a round of word association. What does “Creepin’” bring to mind?
LondonBridge: Social media. In a sense, we have become a “Creepin’” society. You can meet someone at a bar and, within 30 seconds, know everything about them—or at least what they want you to see.
Lliam Taylor: It’s almost as if “getting to know someone” is now done in a couple clicks.

How was it to work with one another?
LB: Lliam is a bit of a mad genius. I’ve collaborated with a lot of people, but out of everyone, he has the most natural talent and an amazing musical ear. He’s about to take off in a very major way. I’m just tagging along, lol.
LT: LB is a really creative dude with great instincts. We both bring a totally different skill set to the sessions.

How did you come in contact with, or come to work with, Insomniac?
LB: I played my first EDC on the Wide Awake Art Car. Insomniac has been extremely supportive, and I’m honored to be part of the family with this EP. I met my fiancée on the way to my first EDC, five years ago. You know what they say: Those who rave together stay together.
LT: My first Insomniac experience, besides going to events as a fan, was playing art cars at EDC and Wonderland—Wide Awake, Mayan and Boombox. That was amazing for me, and to be releasing tracks with Insomniac is really special.

Whether out of competition or admiration, who/what moves you to be your best you?If your friend was a modern-era traveling bard (a professional storyteller), how would you “suggest” they write about you?
LB: “Let me tell you a story of LondonBridge—a man who threw the dankest parties in L.A. and dropped the dopest music you’ve never heard!”
LB: I look up to AC Slater, Destructo, and Steve Aoki. All three built thriving event brands and use them as platforms for their own artistic expression. As co-creator of Space Yacht, my intention was always to follow in the footsteps of those guys. They treat their fans with love and respect. That’s what it’s all about!

Is there a story or moment when you knew that being a DJ or producer is what you wanted to do?
LB: I was in indie rock bands forever but was always DJing house parties for fun. I never intended to have a career as a “DJ”; it evolved into that. My greatest passion is playing shows—and I started out in college, playing in friends’ basements. I play five instruments and would be just as happy playing piano and singing as I would be behind the decks.

Hometown? Home scene?
LB: I’m originally from NYC, but I’ve been in L.A. for 14 years. My home scene is Space Yacht every Tuesday—it’s an inclusive place for everyone to thrive and listen to music they’ve never heard before.

Do you have any hobbies? Anything other people consider you an expert in, outside of music?
LB: I’ve been reading Stoic philosophy as of late. It’s actually been inspiring my lyrics and way of being. It’s a perfect philosophy for the social media era. I also have a dog that I’m obsessed with. Everyone should have a dog. The world would be a better place.
LT: Wow. Um. I’ve been getting into cooking lately.

How would you describe your material (generally) in two to three sentences?
LB: My new music is dark, moody, sexy, with heavy grooves. I draw inspiration from house music, but through my lyrics, I hope that I’m able to connect with people, regardless of their preferred musical genre.

Talk about the “Creepin’” vocal sample: “I like your content.”
LB: The vocal is me freestyling. Everybody is “creepin’” on everybody these days via social media, and by learning everything about someone that quickly, you skip the step of building relationships. It’s also about how we frame our content to make everything look like we are having the best time and we are doing the best shit. We end up aspiring to be the people we follow, or rather, the people that we follow set the standard for how you should lead YOUR life—even though it’s bullshit. We’re losing sense of who we really are. Everyone is just trying to be someone else.

Tell us about the genesis of your excellent/unique artist/DJ tag.
LB: The name LondonBridge started as a joke between me and two friends in London, who happened to be DJs. I jokingly claimed I would become a DJ and challenge them to a DJ battle. When I started producing for the club, I realized that it was actually a dope name. For some reason, it just felt right.

Which track came first between the two? Was there any interplay in their creation, or did they come about as two completely separate entities?
LB: “Creepin’” was the first thing we worked on. It took about 15 minutes to write. I find that the best stuff usually happens that way. “Gassed” was a track that Lliam had started as a demo. I was playing it out in the clubs and couldn’t believe how big it went. People lost their minds when it dropped, so I asked if we could work on that one together for the EP.

Pretend “Creepin’” is a menu item in a fabulous restaurant. Tell me about it.
LB: “Creepin’”: Molten-lava chocolate cake with whipped cream that tastes insane but may make you take a shit 30 minutes after eating it.
LT: “Creepin’” is that pizza you order from that little place at the Cosmopolitan hotel after a long night out: so good, you don’t want it to end—but it’s going to.

What else is going on for you guys?
LB: I’m very excited about the new batch of music I’m working on. Thinking I might turn it into an album, but who knows? Everyone likes singles these days. Another byproduct of our social media “ADD-based culture.”
LT: I’m really excited to be touring with Kaskade on his Redux club tour this fall!

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