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The psychedelic soundscape of Chaney’s “My House” gets the drum & bass treatment from none other than RAM Record stalwarts Legion and Logam. Giving the original a run for its money, Legion and Logam ramp the energy up to the 170+ BPM range while rewiring the synapses of the original in a jaw-dropping way.

While Chaney’s version is filled with a sense of haunting party vibes, the remix elevates the dark elements swirling around the edges with cinematic sweeps and instrumental transitions that play off heart-churning chord shifts and a ready-made dreamscape that permeates the entire proceedings. Whether you’re encountering this one on the dancefloor or in the privacy of your own earbud-plugged dome, there’s no denying the raw power this one demands from the listener as it pulls you from start to finish with inimitable style.

Available via Skint Records.

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