Johannesburg’s Kyle Watson has slowly but surely been redefining the nature of house music. Angular beats, stripped-down rhythms, off-kilter timing, and layers of found sounds all play into his track creation. These positives can certainly be used to describe his upcoming track “Camouflage Cat” for This Ain’t Bristol.

Floating somewhere between a deep and familiar cinematic sound—and the absolute deconstruction of house as we know it—this track shines in a league all its own. Going out on a very left-field limb here, “Camouflage Cat” feels more closely akin to something like Jam City’s “Magic Drops” or Burial’s “Untrue” than a big-room house banger. Crackles and hisses float between simple and deep rhythms, as warm basslines thump in their own time, and probably the most successful risk here are warm pads that sweetly sing all alone for epic stretches.

However, if all of this sounds too much for some readers, don’t let any of the above fool you: Kyle Watson has laid down a captivating track of rich and dynamic vibes that are sure to put bodies in motion on the floor. This is clearly a number created by someone who is more than certain of his abilities and vision. What you end up with is a progressively refreshing track that keeps the listener hanging on to every beat.

“So excited to see this one release on my favourite labels of 2017 (and probably 2018, too),” Watson tells Insomniac. “As soon as I finished this one up, I kinda felt it was a This Ain’t Bristol record, so I was happy to hear the team were into it, as well. This one’s kinda weird but kinda wonderful at the same time.”

Available January 12 via This Ain’t Bristol.

Check out the Pop Up / Camouflage Cat EP here.

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