When you’ve got the seal of approval from Hot Creations, the mighty UK label run by Jamie Jones and Lee Foss, then you must be doing something right. In 2018, the label is as big as ever, and it’s pointing to Spanish producer Kuo Climax as one to watch.

This Friday, Kuo Climax makes his Hot Creations debut with his Nacrem EP, and we’re previewing the titular “Necron” as the full release draws near. While it’s got those solid tech-influenced house grooves that the label is so well known for, there’s a deeper side to this record. He weaves together a shuffling rhythm, low-studded bassline, hazy textures, and soft-muttered vocals, adding in a dash of melody to offer up a real emotional impact. It’s a hypnotic roller, and one that shows Kuo Climax in a new but very much welcomed light.

Kuo paints his Nacrem EP as “a musical response to big personal changes in my life. This period lasted eight months at a house lost in the mountains of Malaga. Inspired by a woman, and seeking to find stability between the music I listen to daily and the need to offer fresh tracks for this scene.”

Available May 25 via Hot Creations.

Buy Kuo Climax’s Nacrem EP here.

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