Keeping an ear to the ground is something Los Angeles’ Kane Michael has made a living on, using his deep knowledge of dance music to guide his work on In Conversation and Lights/Out Selection for Magnetic Magazine. But he’s also someone other journos should have their sights on, seeing as how Michael has been known to dissect genres in a different way via a growing body of original productions. His primary platform is the Lights/Out imprint he oversees, which today is dropping its third release that he’s “uncreatively” (his word, not mine) named 003.

Progressive house and synthwave are both under the knife for this round, with the EP slicing through the two prominent influences with surgical care. “The Pleasure of Being That Thorn in Your Side” is a brooding affair, only with a hint of optimism tucked inside the pumping drums and glum-soaked synthplay. Things get a little more cosmically charged on “Starscream,” as stardust-powered arpeggiations swirl around running basslines and shimmery melodies. Michael closes it out with a VIP of “Ruin,” taken from the label’s last release, LOR002. It’s a dark and driving number for all the late-night crew.

Kane Michael’s 003 EP is available here.

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