Italy meets Ibiza again on “Tarabaralla,” the latest offering from WOW! Recordings’ Luca Donzelli and Mar-T, whose previous collaborations have been released by Elrow, Moon Harbour, Hot Creations and 8Bit, to name a few.

The UK joins the party when up-and-coming DJ/producer Jansons takes things for a spacey disco spin. Working a single hi-hat at key points throughout the percussive track, Jansons establishes a stretched-out groove that takes its time getting rolling. As it builds, a vocal snippet echoes over a funky guitar lick and symphonic strings. As the layers coalesce, the hi-hat continues accentuating the rhythm, creating a sassy vibe that makes you want to strut on the dancefloor and rub up against someone. If that isn’t disco personified, we don’t know what is.

Available November 23 via WOW! Recordings.

Buy Luca Donzelli & Mar-T’s “Tarabaralla” here.

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