As summer quickly draws to a close, the opportunities for steamy late-night adventures are dwindling by the minute. The clock has not completely run out quite yet, though, and the good folks over at Nite Records are here to help launch you into the final leg of the season. They’re doing so by pouring their stellar A&R resources into the fourth installment of the annual Summer Nites compilation series. On Volume 4, the NR team rounds up a few familiar faces from the label, while also adding a couple of new additions into the picture. Intermodal falls into that second category, and the Chicago-based producer pops into the frame with the finest first impression possible.

The contribution he kicks out for the affair was spawned from a marathon studio sesh, in which he was so caught up in the zone that he suffered from a temporary bout of dyschronometria. “I was playing around with some new sounds recently and ended up making a groovy track that isn’t quite a club banger, but still has a cool vibe and some musicality,” Intermodal tells Insomniac. “The evening that I wrote the first version, I lost track of time and ended up leaving the studio really late—thus the title ‘Look at the Time.’”

While it may not be the right pick for peak-time, this number still has a groove worth getting down to. Tight, shuffling drums keep the movement on its feet, while caroming basslines strike beneath foggy vocal chops and waddling synth progressions. “Look at the Time” belongs at the top of every end-of-summer playlist and is another strong bullet point in the argument as to why you should be paying attention to anything involving Intermodal or the Nite Records crew.

Available now via Nite Records.

Download Intermodal’s “Look at the Time” here.

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