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Detroit heavyweight house masters Golf Clap have been busy, as of late, bringing a lot of new talent to their Country Club Disco label. The likes of Grensta, John Summit, Aylen, Greco and many other skilled producers have graced CCD over the last handful of months. But the label bosses themselves felt like it was time to make another appearance. As of this week, they’ll be dropping a fire-fueled new single on the imprint.

Going by the name “Demo Tapes,” this is some deep-grooving, four-on-the-floor, peak-time magic. Thumping in with a hefty kick and a classic hat, the energy to come bursts out with a breaks-driven lead-in to the meat of the tune. A sinister bassline keeps the groove strong, as tribal percussion flutters into the mix. Outside of a catchy, traditional house vocal quip, the real secret to this track is simple: lasers. They abound here, giving things an upbeat, organic boost.

Obviously, Golf Clap has kept the dynamics tight, as well. They never let things get out of hand, but the swells, bursts, and breakdowns come often enough to keep listeners riding on their waves. Of course, ominous synth stabs and blissful pads here and there don’t hurt, either. “Demo Tapes” is another one of those deceptively simple tracks. There’s always far more going on than meets the ear. But the people burning up a sweat on the dancefloor probably won’t care either way. They’ll just stay locked in to the groove of this heater.

Available March 22 via Country Club Disco. 

Buy Golf Clap’s “Demo Tapes” here.

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