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As if Golf Clap and Dillon Nathaniel weren’t busy enough already between all of their collective enterprises, the respective Detroit and L.A. powerhouses have teamed up to drop some serious madness on This Ain’t Bristol. This three-track EP utilizes the best aspects of these artists, while also taking things to the next level.

The featured track “Sick” definitely lives up to its name and is a prime example of this skill fusion. Bumping in with a tech house beat and littered with jittering percussion, things soon take an almost UKG feel, which is underlined as low-end warehouse bass sounds rise through the drums. The tension builds and twists, though the vibe stays low, stripped-down and dirty. As things crescendo, they burst into anti-drops that take the low-end toward mind-melting territory.

The mood and atmosphere that Golf Clap and Nathaniel create here is what really drives this track, with to-the-point vocal samples and breaks dropping in that really go a long way, as tense synth rises keep the listener locked in. “Sick” stays minimal but definitely has a dirty lean that bursts from the seams with fire. It’s the kind of unassuming track that can drive a crowd wild.

Available September 21 via This Ain’t Bristol.

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