Australian duo Go Freek are bona fide nightclub hit-makers who have maintained a steady supply for the almighty Sweat It Out! camp. The boys have been dominating their country’s club chart with singles like “Define,” “Put It Down,” and “Call Out.” Their latest offering takes things even further down the crossover path, drawing on a killer female for seductive, sugary effect.

“Love Is a Weapon” is a sterling example of just how good vocal house can get. The piano melody in the intro (and wailing diva vocals urging you to not to “pull the trigger”) steer things deep into radio-ready territory—that is, until the killer groove arrives at the drop. Crossover appeal or not, it’s clear the Go Freek boys know their way around a gritty club record.

Available August 31 via Sweat It Out! Music.

Buy Go Freek’s “Love Is the Weapon” here.

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