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As the vibes of EDC continue to run deeper and deeper into the vibrant streets of Mexico City, we’ve been able to tap into a wealth of authentic flavors from the global and local scenes. Insomniac Records is throwing some shine at the artists who are making the loudest statements, as they funnel the various sounds of the festival into one ridiculously stacked compilation.

Much like the lineup from which they’ve sourced the talent, the EDC Mexico 2017 compilation is a rich melting-pot of styles and influences from both near and far. The only qualifier is that each artist is coming at their respective genres and far-flung influences with everything they’ve got. And this drive to thrive is evident across the 14-track run.

I believe this is the first time Insomniac Records has worked with an Indian artist, and it’s great to see my music up there with other world-class talent.

Bassline champion Chris Lorenzo holds it down proper on his slinky contribution, “Bad Bitch,” which was born on the back of a random dancefloor encounter. “I recorded the vocal at a festival a couple of years ago,” he recalls. “I was talking to this girl and thought she’d sound great on a track, so I got my iPhone out and just said, ‘Say some cool shit.’ It was as simple as that. It’s such a unique sample to work ‘round that it allows me to keep the track stripped-back, so everything in there breathes and has real impact.”

Drawing from the steamy influences from his native country, El Dusty marries his Latin love with an old-school kick. “This track takes us back to our ‘90s house roots, while still locking in a solid cumbia rhythm,” he proudly proclaims. “It’s such an honor to be working with pioneers in the game, like DJ Blass!”

Jersey club royalty UNIIQU3 isn’t messing around, either, throwing out a domineering bit for the girls who like to run shit. “‘The Anthem’ is really special to me,” she says. “I wanted to make something bossy, something the ladies could rage to. Imagine an all-female mosh pit. I got a dose of Mexico City with N.A.A.F.I before, but it’s my first time playing EDC, and I can’t wait to hit that stage.”

“I am super excited to be included on the EDC Mexico compilation,” says Nucleya about his atom-splitting bass creation. “I believe this is the first time Insomniac Records has worked with an Indian artist, and it’s great to see my music up there with other world-class talent. Some of the other producers on the compilation are big inspirations to me, so it’s fantastic to be included alongside people I look up to. Stoked to meet some of them when we come out to Mexico at the end of the month.”

The rest of the album features a wide array of artists who are with it, such as Gammer, Boombox Cartel, G-Buck, Happy Colors, Broz Rodriguez, Kayzo, and more. With a week left until EDC Mexico goes down, there’s ample time to burn through every track before they go off.

The Insomniac Presents EDC Mexico 2017 compilation is available here.

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