When it comes to putting it down for the culture, Erick Morillo’s bona fides stretch back to the 1990s, crisscross the globe, and reach from the underground to the top 40 charts. His label, Subliminal, and his Subliminal Sessions parties, have set high standards for DJs-turned-entrepreneurs, and his staying power shows no signs of waning.

The latest addition to his extensive discography is “Cocoon,” a collaboration with UK-based artist and producer Andrew Cole, featuring the vocals of Kylee Katch, who co-fronts woman-led electronic pop band Karmic. The last time Katch teamed up with Morillo was on 2017’s progressive-tinged “No End.” Their reunion, “Cocoon,” features Katch’s emotive vocals gliding over Morillo and Cole’s arpeggiated tech house grove.

“’Cocoon’ is one of my favorite vocal tracks I have been a part of. Whenever I hear the vocal, I get so hypnotized by Kylee’s voice and the melody. Nothing better than collaborating with very talented people,” says Morillo, who has worked with everyone from Jocelyn Brown and Dajae to Robert Owens and Boy George, and knows a thing or two about moving crowds.

Available July 2 via Subliminal Records.

Buy Erick Morillo & Andrew Cole’s “Cocoon” here.

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