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Lucati and DatelessKȯlmē label is kicking off 2019 with an EP compilation of fresh artists and sounds. Four tracks make up this short but very sweet release, aptly titled Newkomers. And while each track is solid in its own way, one in particular stands out.

“Press Play” comes at you from Seattle’s Emuh, which sees him laying down a gleefully complex tune that is anything but simple. All in all, it has a light and breezy feel. A warm bounce is held in place by a matrix of percussive layers and a rich bassline. Hazy synthlines slice through with chill staccato, while even more misty pads fill in the gaps. Quirky samples and sounds chatter and blip in their own time.

Emuh plays with a wide variety of sounds on “Press Play,” but the track never feels like it’s trying too hard. Everything lives in its own space and comes in and out at just the right time. It’s an exceptionally laid-back track that drifts from tech house much further into house/disco territory. There’s clearly a lot of skill going into something that feels more like a memorable summer night out than another generic dance number. This one will definitely be making the rounds.

Available January 28 via Kȯlmē Records.

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